The Daily News


Timothy Olyphant renewed his contract for one more year playing the U.S. Marshall in “Justified.”   His salary is on the low end of the scale, a mere $150,000 per episode, but he makes do somehow.  His co-stars are always impressed at how quickly he learns his lines.  It makes sense though, because an Olyphant never forgets.

Director Martin Scorcese has been spotted filming the weddings of some of his Hollywood friends.  He does, however, insist on complete creative control and has been known to take as many as 15 takes to get it just right.


The San Diego Padres are continuing their snail-paced charge for the pennant, staying a close 14 games behind the red-hot San Francisco Giants.  The Padres may have a chance, if the rest of the National League West loses all of their games, even when playing each other.


Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth dropped another 5 billions dollars last week, due to the decrease in Facebook’s stock price.  Bill Gates has been rumored to telephone him late at night and whisper “I’m still the richest.  The richest!!!”


Mitt Romney was recently quoted as saying “Nobody has ever asked me where I was born” but was quick to point out that his statement had nothing to do with President Obama.  When someone did finally ask him where he was born, he said “I don’t have that information available at this time.”

Congressman Paul Ryan showed more pictures of himself working out at the gym and his approval rating went up 4 points.  When Joe Biden was asked when he would be providing his own gym photos, he replied “I don’t have that information avaiable at this time.”

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