Sunday Morning Thoughts

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

12:39  Someone recently stole my identity.  Now he is trying to give it back.  I will tell him  to forget it.  Now he can deal with all of those bill collectors.

12:48   My vacuum cleaner works great on cat doodoo.  There is even a setting for Large, Small, and Medium Pile.

1:15  A hip-hop concert is like a box of chocolates.  They each cost about $25, and are both full of rappers.

1:26  I wonder what you would call it if a person intentionally lost a diving competition?  You couldn’t say they “took a dive.”  They must call it something else. Perhaps they call it “Taking a Boxing Match.”

1:35  Someone asked my if I had any family outside of my brothers and sisters.  I told them I do have some distant cousins.  They asked me how distant they were, I said about 3,000 miles.  I visited them once, but unfortunately they threw me out of the house on two different occasions.  So now I am their first cousin twice removed.

2:00  One of my cats is getting so big that I am afraid he will one day explode.  I wanted to put a picture of him online, but he wouldn’t sign a release. I can see it now, someone is going to walk into Pawn Stars with a picture of himself standing in front of my cat before he exploded.  He will be trying to sell a plate or a fork that was supposedly being used on him during his last voyage, before he exploded.  I’m one to talk.  The only exercise I get is typing.

2:23  I recently saw the final Harry Potter film.  I must admit, it was rather well done.  But much noisier than the book.

2:49  I wonder what you would call it when two fishermen help each other out?  Squid Pro Quo?  I wonder how mobsters intimidate fishermen.  Maybe they put seahorse heads in their beds?

2:56  That is all, thank you and good night.

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