A World without Hostess Twinkies? The Horror.

Have you noticed how angry people are these days? It’s as if the whole world took a vacation in Buenos Irate.

I have a friend who keeps talking about going on Safari in Botswana.  I have a feeling that he isn’t really going to go through with it.  He is what I call a Botswana-Be.

Did you know that Greta Garbo was not that popular at the start of her career, especially in rural areas?  She was known as “Persona Non Greta.”

Now that pot is legal in Colorado and Washington, neighbors will have a new excuse to drop in on one another.  I can see it now:  “Excuse me, I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of weed?”  Hostess Bakery’s announcement that they may be filing for bankruptcy has saddened many people in those states.  Some residents were very happy they now had Legal pot and Hostess Twinkies.  I personally think it is a conspiracy from the Conservatives.  “We will let them have pot, but we’ll be damned if we will let them have twinkies also!”

The electricity is still out in some parts of the Northeast, so many residents will not be able to watch Revolution, a show about no electricity.

Netflix recently asked me what my favorite romantic comedy is.  It is a tossup between Platoon and Pulp Fiction.

And now, I will multiply a large set of numbers in my head.  Let’s try 46,225 x 78,295.  I am almost there……just one more minute….. I’ve got it!  the answer is 3,619,186,375.  Am I right?  I’m always right.  Just ask my wife.




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