World Phrases

Today I created a new folder for my e-mail.  It is called Spamily.  It is used for spam forwarded by any family members.

Do you know what a palindrome is?  It is a word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward.  For example: A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.  A list of palindromes can be found at

Do you know what a Palindroom is?  It is a room that looks the same backward or forward.

Here is a list of interesting phrases I have learned while traveling the world.  Nothing listed here is intended to be hurtful to anyone, it is merely informational:

  • Ecuadork:  A dork from Ecuador
  • Bahrain Man:  A savant from Bahrain
  • Kuwaiter:  A waiter from Kuwait
  • Madagascartoon:  A cartoon from or related to Madagascar
  • Monacoco:  Coco from Monaco
  • Nepalomino:  A palomino from Nepal
  • Nicaragua Agua:  Water from Nicaragua
  • Oman Servant:  A servant from Oman
  • Peruby:  A ruby from Peru
  • Romania Mania:  An unnatural fear of anything Romanian
  • Senegallon:  A gallon of liquid from Senegal
  • Singaportion:  A unit of measurement for all things Singapore
  • Gaboney:  A boney person from Gabon
  • Sri Lanky:  Used to describe a lanky person from Sri Lanka
  • Sudan:  What an attorney would do if he had a legal claim against Dan
  • Ukraine:  What one might say to a crane.

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