Happy New Year, Everyone!

Well, here it is.  The end of another year.  This is the year things start happening for all of us.

I have heard more than one person say to me, “John, what do you think is the perfect housewarming gift?”  After much thought I think I have found the perfect one:  A space heater.  Perhaps I am being too literal.

Do you know what the favorite band is for today’s American Housewife?  A new band called Rage Against the Washing Machine.  As for me, my washing machine isn’t working.  Oh, it will fill up with water just great.  But it won’t spin.  And that’s what is really important in a washing machine, the spinning.  All of the rest is just a lot of hooplah.

The illegal copying of DVDs is referred to as Video Piracy.  I am not sure why.  There are basically two acts involved when copying DVDs:  Ripping and Burning.  It should just be called DVD Vandalism.

I just read that three names have been added to the list of Endangered Hollywood Actors, due to their dwindling box office numbers:

Russell Crowe
Ethan Hawke
Joaquin Phoenix

Personally, I think it is due to the fact that they are all named after birds.

Have a great new year, everyone!  Keep your chin up!  But not up too high, then people will talk.

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