The Conversation

I could rant and rave about the gridlock in Washington, and how it is affecting everyone negatively, but I won’t.  I would rather share a conversation I had with my wife recently while watching “Chicago Fire.”

“Do you recognize that lady?”
“Which one?”
“You know, the brunette.”
“Do you mean the lesbian?”
“What do you mean?  I thought they were both lesbians.”
“No, just the blonde.”
“But they are always together.”
“I know, right?”
“So who is she?”
“She was in Roswell.”
“Yes, Roswell.  You remember.  It was the show about the aliens who lived in Roswell, New Mexico.  But they looked like regular people.”
“Oh, yeah.  I think I remember her.  Which alien was she?”
“She wasn’t an alien.  She was involved with an alien.”
“Involved?  How do you mean?”
“They were going out.”
“That’s right.  She was going out with one of those aliens.  I remember now.  She was going out with the alien who went on to CSI Miami.”
“No, she was going out with the alien who had the ears that stuck out.”
“Are you sure?  I thought she was involved with the other guy.  The alien with the ears that stuck out was involved with the girl who is now Dexter’s sister.”
“What?  I don’t think so.”
“I’m sorry, but I think you are wrong.  The girl who was involved with the Alien with the ears that stuck out on Roswell is now on Dexter, playing the part of his sister.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Well, I beg to differ.”
“I wonder what ever happened to that guy.”
“Which guy.”
“The guy who played the alien with the ears that stuck out on Roswell, who was later involved with the blonde lady on Chicago Fire.”
“But I thought he was involved with the brunette.”
“Are you sure?”
“I never saw him again after Roswell.”
“Maybe he really was an alien.”
“Maybe we are aliens.”
“I am starting to wonder.”
“He was very handsome for an alien, I thought.”
“Everything except for those ears.”
“Well, who is the guy on CSI Miami that you are talking about?”
“Who, Horatio?”
“No, you said that one of the aliens on Roswell went on to CSI Miami.”
“Did I say that?”
“Yes, you did.  Oh, that’s right.  He was one of the investigators for a while, but I think his part was cut.  I did see him on an episode of Nashville a few weeks ago.  He was playing guitar in a band with that guy who was also on Boardwalk Empire.”
“Which guy?”
“Nucky’s brother.”
“Who is Nucky?”
“Nucky Thompson.  Steve Buscemi?  The star of the show?  He is in the opening?  He is on the beach, wearing a suit?”
“A bathing suit?”
“No, a suit!  An actual suit with a tie, and a hat.”
“Why is he on the beach wearing a suit?”
“Because he likes it.  He likes being on the beach in his suit.  It makes him feel important.”
“What’s up with all of those whiskey bottles floating in the ocean in the opening sequence?”
“I think the writers are trying to convey a feeling of chaos and anarchy.”
“Either that, or they just decided to throw a bunch of bottles in the ocean and see what would happen.”
“Or that.”
“What kind of name is Nucky, anyway?”
“It is short for Enoch.”
“Wouldn’t that be ‘Nocky?”
“You would think.  I am going to get some cereal.  Do you want some grapes?”
“No, I am going to have a pomegranate.”

"Where is my Hat?"
“Where is my Hat?”

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