Happy Tuesday, Everyone

???????????????????????????????????????Do you know why you can’t trust atoms?  Because they make up everything.

Why is New York Pizza so thin?  Don’t worry about it.

Someone from Holland just sent me a message on Twitter.  This is my very first Dutch Tweet.

My neighbor and his wife are partners in a skydiving company.  However, they both recently had a falling out.

One of the hospitals near me is laid out in a big circle.  I imagine they built it like that to help doctors with their rounds.

I watched The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey last night.  It wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  I thought maybe there would be hobbits running around in fields, talking about food and picnics.  Instead, it was full of mythical creatures and vast underground fortresses.  In other words, exactly like Seinfeld but with more trolls.

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