Are you Afraid of Clowns Too?

Two Clowns
Two Clowns
  • Do you ever go to comedy clubs?  Me either.  I am afraid of clowns.  Speaking of clowns, did you know that in ancient times the same people performed as clowns and priests?   It’s true.  I read it on Wikipedia, it must be true.
  • I have finally accomplished my goal of watching every movie on Netflix’s top 100.  What do I do now?  Am I supposed to read a book?  Perish the thought!
  • Some days are hard for me.  But some days are hard on everyone, right?  I often go through a period of panic and uneasiness.  And then I get out of bed.
  • I was talking with my neighbor the other day.  He recently got married for the second time.  He told me that his first wife set the bar very high, so I asked him, “What was she, a high jumper?”
  • I once had someone tell me that I should wear earth tones.  I took his advice, and rarely wash my clothes.
  • Do you think that the British and American military ever have a problem with what side of the road to drive their tanks on in Afghanistan?  I can just see it,  two tanks are heading towards each other, the British tank is driving on the left side of the road, the American tank coming straight at him.  “Bloody Hell, Mate.  What do you think you are doing?  Get on the right side of the road!” “I am on the right side of the road!  You get on the right side of the road!”
  • One of my friends got thrown under the bus last week by one of his co-workers.  He is in the hospital now, he should be out next week.  Bus drivers are very unpredictable.
  • I read in the paper today that a local man was arrested yesterday for carjacking.  I still don’t understand why.  How else was he supposed to change his flat tire?

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