It’s a Small World After All

How is everyone?  Good?  That’s nice.  Now let’s talk about me…..

  • Last week, in my piano class, we were discussing fingering scales.  I wonder if someone is going to bring a fish to class?   Also, one of my classmates told us that he has been accepted to Colombia.  Now all he needs is a passport.
  • I was reading just the other day that unemployment is so bad in some parts of the country that even some worker bees are collecting unemployment.  That explains the whole bee problem I have been reading about.
  • Have you heard about the latest fashion accessory in Hollywood?  It is a diamond-studded ankle bracelet for celebrities on home detention.




  1. Hi, John,

    Are you really back in school? If so, congrats! That sounds like a lot of fun. Where are you going? Send details!

    Love, Emily

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