Did I Ever Tell You This Story?

  • treeJust the other day I was thinking about my childhood.  I have such fond memories of that time.  I loved playing in the countryside, eating apples fresh off the tree, running in the wheat fields with my cousin Scooter.  Back then, we had a neighbor who was from the old country.  I am not sure why it was called “The Old Country,” perhaps it was called that because everyone who came from there was old.   This neighbor had a very strong Irish accent.  He used to tell us “Give Thanks to The Lard.”  I never knew if he meant “The Lord” or if was talking about bacon fat.
  • Are you ever too hard on yourself?  Do you have a tendency to beat yourself up?  Me too!  It got so bad last week, I was beating myself up and I actually broke my own nose.
  • Have you ever seen those Civil War Re-Enactments?  What’s up with those?  And why is it that the only war ever re-enacted is the Civil War.  And how civil could it have been?  How about re-enacting World War One?  They would just need to build a bunch of trenches, sit in them and throw smoke bombs at each other.  Or how about Desert Storm?  Although it might be difficult to get someone to dress up like Saddam Hussein.
  • The Weather Center says that we might be getting some rain next week.  Thank the Lard!

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