Blasphemy for A Jazz Purist

coleWe have been practicing Cole Porter’s “All of You” in my music class.  For those of you who don’t know that song, here is a link:

I have written two new verses for this song.  Dare I share them with my classmates?  I know I shouldn’t, it might be considered blasphemy by some jazz purists!

Here it is:


Alternate Lyrics

(With a slight bounce – a rubber ball will do)

I like the way you walk, the way you talk
The smell of you, the breath of you
The ears, the eyes, the unsymmetrical thighs
The fingers, the toes, the somewhat pointy nose.

I like the way you eat, the way you speak
The clothes you wear remind me of a circus freak
Your hair, your lips, your hard-to-locate hips
For I like all of you.

What do you think?  It’s good, right?  Am I right???


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