Acorn TV is OK After All!

  • Last month I wrote about a bad experience I had with Acorn TV.  They had the wrong email address listed for me, and I was being charged for something that was becoming impossible to cancel.  I am happy to report that they did finally cancel my account and gave me a full refund.  So I take back what I said about them.  And they do have many good shows for only $4.99/month.  Just make sure you have the correct email address listed!
  • I finally figurchargersed out why the San Diego Chargers lost so bad last week to the Miami Dolphins:  Antonio Gates was unhinged.
  • I was reading that Pizza Hut may start using unmanned drones to deliver pizzas.  I wonder how much you are supposed to tip an unmanned drone?
  • Have you noticed that many Sci-Fi TV shows these days have supercomputers that have human voices?   I wonder why they always have a British accent?

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