Do You Know What Magnetism Is?

  • Do you know what magnetism is?  It is the unexplained universal force that attracts objects to refrigerators.
  • Scientists say that judgment is the first thing people lose when they drink alcohol.  That doesn’t seem right to me.  Every drinker I have ever met has never had any trouble judging me.  And I have known many!
  • balloonsDid you know that over 20 million balloons will be filled with helium for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations?  Personally, I think that number is overly inflated.
  • A friend of mine claims to have perfect pitch.  However, his hitting and fielding needs work.
  • Have a great Christmas, everyone!  Don’t drink too much and lose your judgment.  (Or get arrested and see what real judgment is all about!)
     No, You’re Out of Order!

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