What’s Up With That?

Have you noticed how many women are going into labor on TV shows lately?  Every show I see these days has the same scene somewhere in the story line:  A pregnant woman yelling “My Water Just Broke!”  It’s either that or someone saying “It is what it is.” What’s up with that?

Yesterday was a noisy day in my neighborhood.  There were chain saws going on end of the street, wood chippers on the other.  I tried watching a Netflix show with my headphones on, and the show I was watching had a jack hammer going for 30 minutes.  What’s up with that?  It is what it is.

bouncy_houseI think I have what may be a million-dollar idea.  A bouncy-house sweat lodge.  Who says we can’t get a little exercise when we go on a spirit walk? What do you think?  It’s a good idea, right? I am just worried that it might not be politically correct.  What do you think? Is it all good?  Is it what it is? What’s up with that? Hmmmm?

One comment

  1. Oh geez, a bouncy house sweatlodge, that is hilarious. I wonder if the fire would make the thing pop. If so, you could be catapulted right into the astral plane. Spirit walk and projection, all in one. Very nice. Well, got to go. Last time I checked, texting while driving is still a crime.

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