The Mighty Juggler Vein

Do you know what the Juggler Vein is?  It is located between the dudonym and the Gall Bladder, and somewhere below the brain. In many medical schools in Great Britain, Medical Students have passed down over the years, rhymes that help them pass their exams.  This one is called “The Mighty Juggler Vein.”

The Mighty Juggler Vein

Right next to the Spleen
And way below the brain
It does its job unseen
The Mighty Juggler Vein

So named because it juggles
And distributes the body’s fluids
For Wizards and for Muggles
And even those crazy Druids

The Juggler Vein was discovered in 1853 by James P. Juggler, who interestingly enough did not juggle.  He was, however, a Muggle.   He was also known to jiggle on occasion.

Without the Juggler Vein, the human body would not be able to break down its hemogoblin into carbon and oxygen.  Also, the level of anti-gamogobulins in the blood would increase to unhealthy levels.

Without the Juggler Vein’s amazing fluid-juggling abilities, we would all be in real trouble.

Let’s hear it for The Mighty Juggler Vein!





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