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24 Legacy Poetry

24 legacy2

The Senator’s Father is quite zany
His part is played by Gerald McRaney
And Eric Carter is an Army Ranger
Whose entire life is fraught with danger

So Gerald gave secrets to some bad guys
And by doing so turned them into mad guys
Who were awaiting instructions from Jadall bin-Khalid
Who had plans for a dastardly deed

But there was a problem with the electronic list
That held the names of the terrorists
Who each wished to become a martyr
If their plans weren’t foiled by Eric Carter

So they kidnapped Carter’s wife and locked her away
And sent him a text the very next day
That said your wife is with our men
And you will never see her again

Unless you do exactly what we say
She will be with us, how long I can’t say
If you would like her to remain alive
Your technician will repair our evil thumb drive

So Eric payed a visit to his brother
Who until recently lived with his mother
And asked that he help him break her out
It was a tough situation without a doubt

His brother Isaac, who rarely sang
And was the leader of a criminal gang
Began to argue, then to pout
But finally decided to help break her out

And right before they did the deed
And nobody was sure if they would succeed
Would they be strong or would they be weak?
We’ll just have to wait until next week