The Fun Never Ends

mean dog

A dog has been barking down the street
Perhaps he doesn’t like the heat
The whole neighborhood is in a tizzy
We go to bed tired and wake up dizzy

I don’t know what it’s all about
That sound that emanates from his snout
If he doesn’t stop this racket soon
I’ll end up howling at the moon

He woke me this morning at 6 am
Me and the neighbors, all of them
It’s been going on like this since June
I hope the situation changes soon

I’m sleep deprived and I’m on edge
I feel like I’m standing on a ledge
If the sun is out, or it is dark
It doesn’t matter, he’ll always bark

And I like dogs, I really do
You can ask anyone, they’ll say it’s true
But there’s something strange about this one
He’s just annoying and he’s no fun

My neighborhood is great, there’s lots of parking
I just wish we didn’t have this barking
I can’t even take my daily nap
And everything has turned to crap

(Update:  The barking has gotten much better.  There is on occasional woof that is really loud, but it usually stops within the hour………)

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