My Letter to The Grocery Store

My Letter to The Grocery Store

Six bucks for a bag of bread
And eight more for the cheese
It’s making it hard to stay well-fed
Won’t you drop these prices please?

The peaches cost one dollar each
Are all of you for real?
Are you charging us ninety cents a peach
And ten cents for the peel?

The Razor Blades each cost four bucks
Now that is just plain weird
If you want me to buy them you’re out of luck
I think I’ll grow a beard

Five ninety-nine for a quart of juice
Was it imported from Peru?
My pants are starting to feel a bit loose
I don’t know what I’ll do!

(I realize that “stold” is not a word
But some people say it, so I’ve heard
And that is all I have to say
I’ll talk to you another day)

About The Write Stuff by John G.

Writer and Lover of Life

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