Monday Jam

I’ve been up since FourWell That’s Not TrueBut I do have a special Song For You!

The Hits Just Keep Coming

I think this is what is referred to as “experimental music.” These songs come with healing powers to all who listen to them with love in their hearts.

30 Bars Down……

The re-harmonization project continues….. Here are two versions of my re-harmonization of the Beatles “Within You and Without You.” I really like the way it sounds at the 33 second mark. For those of you who don’t know, re-harmonizing a song involves adding different chords to an existing melody. In this case there weren’t any…

No Drums Needed

Below are two examples of a musical idea I have had for a while. It is the melody to the previous song, with some harmonies of my own. You will no doubt notice the contrary motion of the lines of music.

Today’s Song

This song isn’t done yet, but it’s just so darn good I had to put it up today.

All Versions

I just can’t seem to stop making different versions of this song……

Electric Version

Below are representations of the sound files for each instrument in this song. As the song progresses you can see (and hear) that different instruments take over. It looks like an ancient language to me. (But that could be because it has been extremely hot for the past four days and I am sleep deprived….

today’s project

There is nothing quite like an acoustic guitar.I even added some of own notes! (Can I do that?)

More Music

. I took out my glue stickAnd made it acoustic