Music Lesson #2

This little ditty has more of that modulation stuff I was talking about yesterday.I think this would work perfect in the next season of “The Expanse!”

Today’s Music Lesson

Music is fascinating, isn’t it? Today I made the following progression to illustrate how dominant chords work. Any time you want to change keys you should play a new dominant seventh chord to state the fact that you are in the new key. This example has every secondary dominant in the key of G Major….

Today’s Song

I finally figured out how to work the drum kits in my music program. It is so much livelier with percussion, don’t you agree? And isn’t that just the cutest ant you have ever seen?

One More Song

Actually this is the same song I have been working on for the past 2 weeks, but it has harps this time around. Lots and lots of harps.