All Acoustic

Some of my long-term readers might remember this song. It’s a little different this time:

Ludwig Would Be Proud

Here is another example of how different a song can sound by leaving the melody alone, but changing the accompanying chords.

Nothing But Arpeggios

This little 12 bar section has nothing but arpeggios. As you no doubt know by now, arpeggios are the notes of a chord. In this case there are only 3 chords: C7, G7, and F7. Which notes do they share? C7: C E G BbF7: F A C EbG7: G B D F C7 shares…

Day Four of “The Week of The Blues”

I have been working on this song for hoursInstead of being outside with the flowersBecause music is just what I doSo here is a song, from me to you (By the way, do you know day today is? Is it Thursday?)

No Title Needed

A tiny blues band is in my laptop trying to get outI hear them in the evening when they start to scream and shoutI try to calm them gently with an understanding wordBut they won’t stop yelling at me, so I guess they should be heard. Take it away, tiny Blues Band!

Who Needs Minor Chords

Many songs by the Rolling Stones have nothing but dominant chords. The song “Good Times Bad Times” is one such song. I have done two versions here. I hope you like them. Come on, say you do!

More La La Land

Did you know that Ryan Gosling learned to play the piano for his role in La La Land? And he did all of his own playing. I find that very impressive, don’t you?