It’s a Wrap

Happy Thanksgiving to all. And don’t be afraid to go Vegan this year.
The turkeys of the future will thank you.

Here is the updated version (May 2022) of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

This doesn’t look complicated at all, right?

Music of Note

There is a slow piano section in Rhapsody in Blue which I find very interesting. It is nothing but dominant chords. You remember what those are, right? This section of music has a bass line that descends chromatically (a half step at a time.) Also, the third section is the same as the first. But for some reason they sound different. Maybe it is because one is at the beginning, and one is at the end.

A Descending Chromatic Bass Line Using Dominant Chords
Rhapsody in Blue

Half Way There…..

Even though there was a plethora of entertainment available online this morning (which is a pretty rare occurence these days) I decided to create music instead.

Coming in at eight minutes and one second long, here is more of Rhapsody in Blue.

And here is Leonard Bernstein playing it in 1976.

Everyone, play along!

By George, I Like This Song

Maybe that is the reason I can’t stop working on it. I should be done in 7 to 14 days. In case you were wondering.

West Wing Theme on Piano
Photo by Fabian Wiktor on

Name That Tune

Here is a song I’ve been working on
I start in the evening and I end at dawn
It’s very complicated, this is true
And I transribed every note just for you

By the way, did I ever tell you about the friends I had in the Navy? We were very close, but eventually drifted apart.

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