What a Difference a Clef Makes

I started working on this song this morning. One line of music was in Bass Clef, but I entered it as Treble Clef. So all of the notes are a minor or major third below where they should be. There are two lines of music in each clip and one of them is the sameContinue reading “What a Difference a Clef Makes”

On to the Next Song….

Here are three versions of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. During the process, I experienced writer’s block until I decided to just put one font in front of the other. The entire song was 427 measures, many of which repeated. Now all I need to do is add some different instruments! Where can I find aContinue reading “On to the Next Song….”

Tubular Bells

Many people think this is the “Theme from The Exorcist.” However, the album was recorded and released before the music for the film was even picked. The Director was in the offices of Virgin Records, looking for music for the film. He saw this amazing album cover and played what was inside. The rest isContinue reading “Tubular Bells”