Happy New Year

In honor of this year at last coming to an end, I have a new song for you. It is from the Series called “A Korean Odyssey” and is called “The Three Fates.” It is written in B-Flat, which has 2 flats. Just like my bicycle. HA! Here is a trailer (it doesn’t really look…

85 Bars and All Is Well

Music Tip #6. If you want to change a Major Chord into its Relative Minor, just add the sixth note directly above the fifth. For example, the notes for a C Major chord are CEG. If you add the next note after G, which is an A, you get CEGA, which is A Minor 7,…

What a Difference a Clef Makes

I started working on this song this morning. One line of music was in Bass Clef, but I entered it as Treble Clef. So all of the notes are a minor or major third below where they should be. There are two lines of music in each clip and one of them is the same…

A Christmas Song For You

Here’s a song from me to youIn the event you’re feeling sad and blueI think it’s splendid, I think it’s greatAnd it’s been around since ’68 Here are a few different instrumentations.

Moving On…..

Here are three versions of a song you’re sure to remember. Along with some really strange pictures.

It is Finished

I’ve added instruments to the latest songIt’s a bit over 15 minutes longI worked on it while in isolationMaybe next time I’ll add narration Here it is with the sections reversed: And here is the all-piano version:

Now For Something Completely Different

I am adding different instruments to my version of Tubular Bells. The last version was all piano, and all at the same speed. Here is a brief preview:

On to the Next Song….

Here are three versions of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. During the process, I experienced writer’s block until I decided to just put one font in front of the other. The entire song was 427 measures, many of which repeated. Now all I need to do is add some different instruments! Where can I find a…

Tubular Bells

Many people think this is the “Theme from The Exorcist.” However, the album was recorded and released before the music for the film was even picked. The Director was in the offices of Virgin Records, looking for music for the film. He saw this amazing album cover and played what was inside. The rest is…