More Vince Guaraldi

With the power being so sporadic, I decided to upload a partial song for you today.It continues our “Week of Vince Guaraldi” theme. (I was able to finish it after all…..)

Our House

Our HouseIs a very very very fine houseWith one cat on my lapI like to watch him nap……

Name That Tune

Here are three versions of an oldy but a goody. Guitar Version: Piano Version: Funhouse Version:

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Here’s a song that’s half way doneAnd making it was so much funI’ll upload the rest when I am finishedBut right now my energy is diminished In the meantime, check out these sunflowers…..

Float Downstream

Just click play, stare at the picture and think happy thoughts….

The Saga Continues

Here is a song by Styx for youI finished it at half past twoIt’s instrumental, there are no wordsJust some background singing done by birds Synth Version: Piano Version: