Who Doesn’t Love Easter Bunnies?

Easter Happens Every Year
The day of the month isn’t always clear
Sometimes it’s late, sometimes it’s soon
But it always happens after the first full moon

That falls after the Vernal Equinox
Around the time we change our clocks
No matter the date, it’s always a fun day
And it always happens on a Sunday

So sit right back and enjoy this song
To listen won’t take very long
It was written in the 60’s by Vince Guaraldi
He had great hair, he wasn’t a baldy.

Everyone, sing along……. “Easter Time is here……..”

Thank You and Good Night

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. (This is where you ask about me.) What have I been up to, you ask? I recently applied to puppetry school. However, I was not admitted. I think I am going to need someone to pull some strings for me.

Here is a song I think is a real scream.

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