Think For Yourself

This is one of the Beatles songs that doesn’t have a solo. It just repeats the same phrase four times.I find that interesting. Everybody, sing along…… Think for Yourself The Beatles I’ve got a word or twoTo say about the things that you doYou’re telling all those liesAbout the good things that we can haveIfContinue reading “Think For Yourself”

New World Symphony

As promised, another song from “The Big Book of Classical Music.” The “New World” that Antonin Dvorak references in the title is actually America. He wrote this symphony in 1892 in New York City. In the background you can almost hear a New World Tympany. The whole story (or at least one version) can beContinue reading “New World Symphony”

Blast from the Past

Here is a song you’re sure to rememberIt came out sometime in late SeptemberWay back in Nineteen Sixty-FiveI heard it was a great year, were you alive? The Beatles were everywhere, they could do no wrongNo matter the music, whatever the songThey changed music forever, you know the restAnd I think I like this songContinue reading “Blast from the Past”

Roll Over Beethoven

If you so chooseYou got nothing to loseYou already have the blues. Am I right? This is what is known as a repetitive melody (I’ll say!). The last note of each 5-note phrase is a minor 7th from the root of the chord, that is what gives it that sound. And that concludes today’s lesson.Continue reading “Roll Over Beethoven”

The Week of Classics Continues

This will be the third Tchaikovsky song I have worked on this week. They just keep getting better and better if you ask me. Am I right? Come on, back me up. I present to you Romeo and Juliet. It is exactly 120 beats per minute which works out to two beats per second. IfContinue reading “The Week of Classics Continues”