One More for The Road

Number 39 in the Big Book of Classical Music is a classic. That’s why it’s in the book. In The Hall of the Mountain King, by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) is a piece of orchestral music composed in 1875 as incidental music for the sixth scene of act 2 in Henrik Ibsen’s 1867 play Peer Gynt.Continue reading “One More for The Road”

Number 38

Number 38 in the countdown of classical music is a version of a 13th century song that was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). It is called Ave Verum Corpus. According to, “Ave verum corpus” is a short Eucharistic chant that has been set to music by many composers. It dates to the 13th century, first recordedContinue reading “Number 38”

So That’s Why It’s Called Pathetique

Song number 36 from the Big Book of Classical Music is an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony “Pathetique.” Fun Fact: It is another song written right before the composer left this mortal coil. According to, Pathétique Symphony, or Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Op. 74, the final composition by Peter Tchaikovsky. Called the “Passionate Symphony” by theContinue reading “So That’s Why It’s Called Pathetique”

A Trill A Minute

Today’s entry is song #35 from the Big Book of Classical Music. It is used as the theme song to PBS Masterpiece Theater. The composer is Jean-Joseph Mouret (1682-1738), and it is entitled “Rondeau. According to Wikipedia, Mouret’s father was a prosperous silk merchant of Avignon, an amateur violinist who recognized his son’s precocious musicalContinue reading “A Trill A Minute”

Number 34

We continue on the magical classical musical journey with a song by Mozart (1756-1791), entitled “Lacrymosa” or “Tearful.” It is from his Requiem opera. According to wikipedia, The Requiem in D minor, K. 626, is a requiem mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791). Mozart composed part of the Requiem in Vienna in late 1791, but it was unfinished at his death on December 5 the sameContinue reading “Number 34”

Only 68 Songs to Go

We continue on our journey through the Big Book of Classical Music with song number 32. Here are three versions of Meditation, from the opera “Thais” by Jules Massenet. According to our good friends at, Jules Massenet, in full Jules-Émile-Frédéric Massenet, (born May 12, 1842, Montaud, near Saint-Étienne, France—died August 13, 1912, Paris), was a leading French opera composer, whoseContinue reading “Only 68 Songs to Go”

Song Number 31

Continuing our journey through the “Big Book of Classical Music,” here are a couple of versions of a song called Panis angelicus (Bread of Angels) by French Composer Cesar Franck: According to, César Franck, in full César-auguste Franck, (born Dec. 10, 1822, Liège, Neth.—died Nov. 8, 1890, Paris, France), was a Belgian-French Romantic composer and organist who was theContinue reading “Song Number 31”