Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Sometimes it’s good to do a non-classical song. But these songs are still classics. Everybody, sing along! When you were young, and on your ownHow did it feel to be alone?I was always thinking of games that I was playing.Trying to make the best of my time But only love can break your heartTry toContinue reading “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”

Song Numbers 27 and 28 are In The Books

Here is song number 27 from The Big Book of Classical Music: “I Know My Redeamer Livith” by George Frederic Handel. It was written about the same time as the last song I posted, 1741. Number 28 is a selection from Water Music by the same composer:

Hallelujah, It is Finished

From the opera “Messiah” here is “Hallelujah” written by George Frideric Handel 280 years ago, in 1741. Ludwig Von Beethoven was still 29 years away from being born. Fun Fact: Bach and Handel were born in the same year, 1685. Handel was born on February 23rd, Bach was born 5 weeks later, on March 31st. IContinue reading “Hallelujah, It is Finished”