And Now For Something New

As of April 2022, this song has been the number one downloaded song on It is my version of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. (A part of it, at least!) Here is a very well-known songIt’s not too short and it’s not too longIf you have two sticks then you can drumBut if you don’t youContinue reading “And Now For Something New”

Wolfgang Is Back

Here is a song written in 4/4 timeSome might say it sounds sublimeIt’s really quite a work of artAnd it was written by our friend Mozart This version is different from the firstIt’s not the best, but not the worstIt has percussion, this is trueIt’s the latest gift, from me to you “View of aContinue reading “Wolfgang Is Back”

And Now For Something Old

See if you can name these Classical Masterpieces. Or not. It is entirely up to you. No pressure. I will give you a hint: The composers (in alphabetical order) are Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Mahler, and Mozart. And remember all of the songs I have posted in the past 2 years can be played in theContinue reading “And Now For Something Old”

100 Classical Songs

Months ago I started transcribing sheet music from The Big Book of Classical Music. There were forty different composers, and 352 pages of music. Today’s songs are song numbers 99 and 100. Song #99 was written by Johannes Brahms (1830-1897) and is an excerpt from the fourth movement of his First Symphony in C Minor.Continue reading “100 Classical Songs”

More Muzik

Song Number 98 in the countdown of 100 classical songs was written by Richard Wagner (1813-1883) and is titled The Evening Star. That means there are just two songs left. “Song to the Evening Star” (“O du, mein holder Abendstern”), also known as “Oh Star Of Eve”, is an aria sung by the character WolframContinue reading “More Muzik”

Just Three Songs Left

Song number 97 in our countdown of classics was written by Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884) and is titled The Moldau. I previously posted a longer version of this song, but this version comes from the music book titled “The Big Book of Classical Music.” You can almost see the water nymphs bathing in the moonlight. (WhatContinue reading “Just Three Songs Left”

96 Songs

That’s right, folks. This is song number 96 in our countdown of 100 classical songs. It was written by Richard Wagner (1813-1883) and is titled Bridal Chorus. I wonder what they played at weddings before 1850? Perhaps some Bach? In any event, we now have just four songs to go and we will have exploredContinue reading “96 Songs”