And Now For Something Old

See if you can name these Classical Masterpieces. Or not. It is entirely up to you. No pressure. I will give you a hint: The composers (in alphabetical order) are Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Mahler, and Mozart.

And remember all of the songs I have posted in the past 2 years can be played in the music player at the bottom of every page on this site. With no cost to you!

Also, if you didn’t already know this, you can adjust the speed of each song while it is playing. Click on the three dots, and choose to either slow it down or speed it up. I like the first song here on 1.5 speed.

And way back in 2020, I re-harmonized the previous song during my “music teacher” phase. Here it is again with lots of loud instruments:

The Bills are Favored Over the Chiefs this Weekend”

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