More Renaissance Music

Here is another song by Orlando Di Lasso, titled “Matona Mia Cara.” I have seen different spellings of his last name; I am going with this one. And here are Bach Chorale Numbers 22 and 23: If you would like to see the sheet music: Name That Tune. I’ll give you a hint. It’sContinue reading “More Renaissance Music”

Renaissance Man

150 years before Bach was even born, music known as Counterpoint was being written by a man named Orlando di Lasso. This song is called Illumina Oculos Meos, which translates to “Enlighten my eyes lest I sleep in Death.” It has just four lines of music, the only flat is B-Flat, and the only sharpsContinue reading “Renaissance Man”

The Hits Are Back

And here are some thoughts I thought worth sharing:– Did you know that before I became a vegetarian I was in “Burgers and Acquisitions?” – Do you like ambience? Take an ambien.– I am a guitar player, which means I often fret.– Even thugs sometimes need hugs. – Nipples always come in pairs. You can’tContinue reading “The Hits Are Back”