Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Today’s song by Orlando Di Lasso is titled Surrexit Pastor Bonus, which means The Pastor Has Risen. This version has a speed of 100 beats per minute.

Slow and Steady Organ

And here is the exact same song, but it is 140 beats per minute and there are different instruments. (You know, like always.)

Fast Guitar

If you have a spare 45 minutes, you can read all about the composer here:

I could bring you a new song by him every day and I wouldn’t run out of music until late 2025. That is because he wrote more than 1,000 compositions ranging from religious Masses to secular songs. I personally find his music to have a healing property to it.

“I have a photogenic memory. I always look good in my own mind.”

And here is Bach Chorale Number 65, “Deck Thyself with Joy and Gladness.” Like many of these chorales, it starts in the key of F.

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