Another Original Song

However, it is not MY original song. I transcribed the sheet music and chose which instruments to use. I also chose the drum loops, of which there are no less than five. So outside of writing the actual music this is all me, baby.

It is is called “Computer Blue” from Prince’s Purple Rain album. Just try to sit still when listening to it. The first version has been updated because there was just way too much sound. Sometimes less is more.

Some of the guys in the band think I play the guitar too loud. I think it is just right!

Here is a video of Prince’s 1983 concert where people first heard this song. And the rest is history. This song starts at the 11:40 mark.

How Original

Many readers have asked “In music, what is a chromatic scale?”
I answered them by sharing my recent compositions. Just listen to the first four notes and you get the idea.

Those four notes are accompanied by chords so that they become either the third or the seventh of each chord. You understand perfectly, I can tell.

Back to Basics

Here is the Bass Line from Bach’s Chorale Number 92 “Sink Not Yet My Soul to Slumber.” As you can hear, you don’t actually need a bass instrument to play a bass line.

Here is something you don’t hear every day.

This ditty starts with a chromatic line of music. It is more of an exercise in chromaticism than anything else.

First Song of The Year

(And it is already February)

Here is a new song called Walkabout.

Now wasn’t that fun?

Here is one you are sure to remember:

That was Chorale Number 81 by Bach, “Now That the Day Hath Reached Its Close.”

Finally, here are samples of an original work in progress. It is another example of “contrary movement.” That happens when one note goes up and another note goes down, and vice versa. I call it “The Original.” (Because it is.)

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