Pleasant Thoughts

It is amazing how much I am learning while going through these 100 Classical Songs. I hope I have broadened your horizons also. The word Reverie means “a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.” What a perfect title for today’s song. Number 58 on the big countdown is Reverie by ClaudeContinue reading “Pleasant Thoughts”

Number 57

Hello All, I hope you’re well. Really.Here are some thoughts and observations I would like to share with you: Food that is gelatinous tends to fatten us. Official name of frontline medical workers: “Flu Fighters.” Just because something is out of focus doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Never wear earbuds to a Headbanger’s Ball. WhichContinue reading “Number 57”

Here Comes the Sun

Actually, there goes the sun. But it will be back in the morning. Today’s song isn’t classical but it is still a classic. It’s not completely done, but I need to take a break. And this song needs to be out in the world now, not later. Here are my versions of The Beatles “HereContinue reading “Here Comes the Sun”

More Brahms

Johannes Brahms has five songs in the Big Book of Classical Music. I have posted four already, here is number five – Waltz in A Flat Major.It is number 56 in the countdown of 100 Classical Songs. And don’t forget to share this with your friends!,Op._39(Brahms) And here is a song called The Moldau,Continue reading “More Brahms”

Songs 53 – 55

Here are some more classical songsThey’re not too short and not too longIt’s another gift to the world from meThe first one is Number 53 It was written by Johannes BrahmsWho always carried a Book of PsalmsHe was born way back in 1830He was very clean and rarely dirty So now, without further delayI giveContinue reading “Songs 53 – 55”

Song #52

We are on the downhill side of our countdown. Song number 52 in the countdown is an excerpt from the Fourth Movement of Symphony No. I in C Minor, written by Johannes Brahms (1830-1897). For more on the composer: My music program has a new feature: It can change the rhythm of the music.Continue reading “Song #52”

Half Way There

Today’s song is number 50 in the countdown of 100 Classical Masterpieces. I might just have this project done in time for, well, you-know-what. It was written by Francois-Joseph Gossec (1734-1829) and is called Gavotte. For more on the composer: And here is song number 51, Prelude in C Major by Johann Sebastian BachContinue reading “Half Way There”

Jerry was right

The composer Robert Schumann did hear an “A” note when he had “Persistent Tinnitus.” I started working on transcribing this song yesterday, and couldn’t do anything else today because I had to finish it. Song #46 from the Big Book of Classical Music is called Piano Concerto in A Minor by Robert Schumann (1810-1856).(Warning:Continue reading “Jerry was right”