Roll Over Beethoven

If you so chooseYou got nothing to loseYou already have the blues. Am I right?

The Week of Classics Continues

This will be the third Tchaikovsky song I have worked on this week. They just keep getting better and better if you ask me. Am I right? Come on, back me up. I present to you Romeo and Juliet. It is exactly 120 beats per minute which works out to two beats per second. If…

It’s Tchaikovsky All Week

Get your red-hot Tchaikovsky mp3s, right over here. We got Sugar Plum Fairies, we got Dancing Reed Flutes. Supplies are limited.

Hello Again

I’m back with more of the classics you have been waiting to hear. Did you know that in addition to being an amazing composer, Felix Mendelssohn was also a painter? I did not know that. A couple of his paintings appear below, along with three of his Number One hits. Wedding March: A Midsummer Night’s…

Fingal’s Cave

Here is another song about a place I didn’t know existed. Felix Mendelssohn wrote a song about Fingal’s Cave in Scotland in 1829. I have added a few sound effects so you can really get the feeling of what it must be like to be there. Another Mendelssohn song used at the beginning of…

From Me to You

Some more music to help you through your day: Finished at 9:26 pm on a Thursday Night:

You Learn Something New Every Day

I was going through my “Big Book of Classical Music” this morning, and blindly pointed to a song to work on. I landed on “Funeral March of a Marionette.” I listened to it on my music player first, and was I ever surprised. It turned out to be the theme song from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”…

Name That Tune

This song is around three minutes longAnd as melodic as can beIt also is an original songBut it wasn’t done by me