What is the First Thing a Shoe Shine Person Says in the Morning?

Rise and Shine! Do you want to hear something ironic?  Internet Explorer keeps sending me pop-ups that say “Internet Explorer Just Blocked a Pop-Up.”  That’s great, Internet Explorer!  But aren’t you kind of defeating the purpose here? I was watching “The Haunting Hour” on Netflix earlier tonight.  There was an episode that had someone who was the “Master […]

I Avoid The Following

Here is a partial list of the 1,000 things that make me uneasy (listed in no particular order): Mail Delivery People Bag People Silent Films Graduate Students Art Gallery Administrative Personnel (excluding Receptionists) Parking Lots Car Washes (unless they are drive-through) Dirt Clods Rock Candy Cotton Candy Excessive Coupons at the Checkout Line Unintelligible Music […]

Dude, You’re Getting Adele

This will most likely be my last post of the year.   I hope 2016 brings you all prosperity and happiness.  I mean that, whoever you are.  Even you, Harold. As for me, my laptop has been ignoring me lately.  When I asked her what the problem was, she responded by accusing me of pushing her buttons and […]

Now Where Was I?

Can anyone tell me which one it is?  Are we supposed to talk about Fight Club?  Or are we NOT supposed to talk about Fight Club.  I always get that mixed up. Have you seen that show called “The Affair?” Fiona Apple does the opening theme song.  It has a couple of sour notes, however. Have […]

The Situation Room

In a secret room deep in the bowels of the White House, the Defense Secretary confers with the President.  The Vice-President sits quietly in a corner humming to himself.  They discuss the state of the world, the football playoffs, and upcoming budget cuts. President:  Did I ever tell you the story about when I was […]