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The Shark Song

The Shark Song

When you’re a Shark
The world is there for you
You don’t fear the dark
Because the dark fears you

When you’re a Shark
You dislike the Mets
Your bite’s worse than your bark
And you despise the Jets

When you’re a Shark
You look at the world wisely
You’re pants are real dark
And you always dress nicely

When you’re a Shark
You really know how to dance
You avoid Central Park
And you have very tight pants

(snapping fingers, whistling in the background……)

The Sharks are not Bony
The Sharks are not Stiff
The Sharks don’t like Tony
And they really hate Riff

The Sharks they are winning
The Sharks they are grooving
The Sharks they are swimming
Because they have to keep moving

Here Come The Sharks
Like a Fish Out of Water
Someone gets in our way
We get fresh with their daughter

Here Come The Sharks
And we’re covered in soot
Better do what we say
Or we will bite your foot

Here Come The Sharks
And we are all anointed
We are covered in scales
And our teeth are all pointed

And Remember, Swim Tall!!