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Category: Short Stories

Stories which are short.

Downright Hysterical 0

The Newborn’s Guide to Living

THE NEWBORN’S GUIDE TO LIVING County General Hospital Maternity Ward Welcome to the World!  You are a newborn baby.  Several billion babies were born before you, and several billion will most likely follow. Here are some helpful hints and facts about you, the newborn baby, to help you along your way. You probably have many questions.  Don’t panic.  This guide […]

Downright Hysterical 0

Monday Evening, 6 pm

The following conversation actually occurred this past Monday.  The names of the people talking have been purposely left out to protect the innocent. “How was your day?” “It was wonderful.  It was amazing.  I had so much fun at work, it was hard to come home.” “My day was good too.  Actually, it was great.  I watched 5 episodes of Criminal Minds.  […]