Four More For The Road

The Countdown of Bach Chorales continues. You probably have noticed that the final chord is major, instead of minor, in most of these songs. When that happens it is called a “Picardy Third” because the third note on the final chord is raised a half step.

For more on that:

Chorale Number 27
Chorale Number 28
Chorale Number 29
Chorale Number 32

How Original

Here is another song for you
To make you happy if you’re blue
It’s quite laid back and very mellow
And the opposite of blue is yellow

It is an original 12-bar blues that I am sure you have never heard before.

Effects Gone Wild

And here are two more Bach Chorales. Only 88 more to go….

And Now For Something Completely Different

Here are some chorales by Bach
They aren’t quiet, they almost rock
Each song has horns, and trumpets too
It will cheer you up if you are blue

I made some changes to it yesterday
Instead of going out to play
It’s too hot out there anyway
I wish that it would rain today


The Chorale List is Growing

I’ve been making music all day long
My back feels like I’m sitting wrong
The song is mellow, it doesn’t rock
And that’s because it was written by Bach

It’s actually several Chorales put together. How many, you ask? You will have to listen and find out.

A chorale is metrical hymn tune associated in common English usage with the Lutheran church in Germany. From early in the Reformation, chorales were to be sung by the congregation during the Protestant liturgy. Unison singing (everyone singing the same note) was the rule of the reformed churches, both in Germany and in other countries. Early polyphonic (multivoiced) versions may have been intended for a choir singing only the melody while the full version was played on the organ.

My Dog Sparky

Your Daily Dose

Of Bach, that is.

Here are four chorales from the “101 Chorales by Bach” songbook, along with a new version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

I changed the last note on one of the chorales. Actually, I made a mistake transcribing it, but I liked the way it sounded and left it in. I hope I don’t get haunted by the ghost of Johann Sebastian telling me to fix it.

Bach Chorales
Canon in D

An OK Chorale

A long long time ago, even before “The Masked Singer” was on TV, I bought a book called “101 Chorales Harmonized by Johann Sebastian Bach.” It was required reading for a music class, and I have since discovered many treasures within its pages. The song I have posted here was written in the Baroque era, before the Classical period, which began in 1750.

Here is Chorale Number One, “O God Look Down From Heaven and View.” Just 100 Chorales to go…..

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