More Fun Facts

According to the origin of the name ‘belly dance’ comes from the French Danse du ventre, which translates as “dance of the stomach.” I did not know that!

But I do know that I like the music that comes from that part of the world. Here is another “Belly Dance Excerpt.” Or should I say “Dance of the Stomach Excerpt.”

Belly Dancing Excerpt
Maqsum Belly Dance

This next song sounds different because I didn’t put the key signature in when I entered the music into my music making machine, which makes it C Major, instead of D-Minor. Any questions? You, in the back…….

Maqsum Belly Dance in Major Key (I hope I don’t cause a stir.)

Here is a song called Moroccan Dance, which came with only one line of music, so I added two more. It is written in 12/16 time:

Moroccan 6

Here is a song called Sama-1. The second and third versions have added layers. It is written in 10/4 time.

This one is called People of the Dark. There is no time signature in the written music. So I had to do me some calculatin’

With Sixths Added
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