I Have Nerves of Steel Wool

Do you have nerves of steel?  Me too!  Although lately mine have become more like steel wool.  But I have a few days off, I plan on sleeping a lot.  I am way backlogged in that department.  Aren’t we all? The drought continues in California.  The town I live in has strict water restrictions.  You […]

More Provocative Thoughts and Observations

Thoughts and Observations (feel free to use any of these at parties if you are running out of things to say): Did you know that some parts of Beverly Hills are so upscale that when the police arrive at a crime scene, they get valet parking?  It is true.  I wouldn’t lie to you. We […]

Another Awards Show Over With

Do you have a vacuum cleaner?  Does it ever break?  My vacuum cleaner is being held together with duct tape at the moment.  It makes sense that it is broken, because nature abhors a vacuum. That was quite an Academy Awards this year, wasn’t it?  You can always count on three things at the Oscars.  […]