What Exactly is A Red-Light District, Anyway?

Here is an excerpt of a conversation I recently heard at the school I am attending: “Do you know where the swimming pool is?” “Just follow the group of towel-people over there.” Did you know that California will soon allow terminally ill patients to end their lives legally?  There are many criteria to meet in […]

I Have Nerves of Steel Wool

Do you have nerves of steel?  Me too!  Although lately mine have become more like steel wool.  But I have a few days off, I plan on sleeping a lot.  I am way backlogged in that department.  Aren’t we all? The drought continues in California.  The town I live in has strict water restrictions.  You […]

Did I Ever Tell You This Story?

Just the other day I was thinking about my childhood.  I have such fond memories of that time.  I loved playing in the countryside, eating apples fresh off the tree, running in the wheat fields with my cousin Scooter.  Back then, we had a neighbor who was from the old country.  I am not sure […]