Another Song is a Wrap

This song is called Pour Mettre Comme Un Homme Habile. In English it means “To Put Like a Skillful Man.” (I think it might be missing something in translation). It was written way back in the 1500’s by Orlando Di Lasso.

On another note, have you ever wondered why the word “tummy” is used for the word “stomach?” Shouldn’t it be “Stummy?”

No Tambourine
With Tambourine
Name That Tune
And This One Too

A New Song for A New Month

I have been thinking about starting a cover band. But first I need to buy some covers. I’m sure I can find a sale somewhere…

Continuing with our study of Renaissance Music, here is a song titled “To The Sweet Sound of The Murmuring of the Waves.” (I’m not making this up). Its actual title is Al dolce suon del mormorar de l’onde, and was written by Orlando Di Lasso way back in the 1500’s.

Organ With Brass
Organ With Brass and Tabla

Also, all 100 classical songs are now located on one page:

Fresh off The Press

Here are more of those chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach. We are a little over half way through the songbook “101 Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach.”

I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I like making them.

And who knows, maybe one day I will be a star. I’m off to a good start. The way I have been eating lately I am getting to be as big as a planet.

I have each starting key listed. Almost all of them modulate to a different key.

Number 59 – D Major
Number 57 – F Major
Number 58 – A Minor
Number 49 – G Major
Number 50 – G Major
Number 51 – D Minor
Number 53 – G Major

All about David Hockney:

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