Day Four of “The Week of The Blues”

I Got The Blues So Bad I’m Turning Green

I have been working on this song for hours
Instead of being outside with the flowers
Because music is just what I do
So here is a song, from me to you

(By the way, do you know day today is? Is it Thursday?)

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No Title Needed

A tiny blues band is in my laptop trying to get out
I hear them in the evening when they start to scream and shout
I try to calm them gently with an understanding word
But they won’t stop yelling at me, so I guess they should be heard.

Take it away, tiny Blues Band!

Tonight: Tiny Blues Band

Who Needs Minor Chords

Many songs by the Rolling Stones have nothing but dominant chords. The song “Good Times Bad Times” is one such song. I have done two versions here. I hope you like them. Come on, say you do!

Acoustic Version

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