Number 97, Down From Heaven

Here it is, folks. The final chorale in the book “101 Chorales Harmonized by Johann Sebastian Bach.” Most of the melodies were written by other composers, but Bach put all of the notes underneath the melody to make these songs.

Here is chorale number 97 – Be Not Dismayed Thou Little Flock.

Grazing in the Grass is a Gas

Here is a song in progress titled “Village Festival.”

From the songbook titled “Original Piano Duets by American Composers,” here is a section of a piece written by Frederick A. Williams titled Jubilee March. However, I didn’t use pianos. I think the strings work rather well. But that’s just me.

The cover of the book (which was published in 1970) says “One Piano, Four Hands, Two Dollars.” Back in 1970 you could still buy things for two dollars.

There are hundreds of drum loops available at Does that mean I need to use them all? Yes, it does!

The sheet music said it was to be played Maestoso. Maestoso is an Italian musical term and is used to direct performers to play a certain passage of music in a stately, dignified and majestic fashion or, it is used to describe music as such. I think I followed that direction perfectly.

And finally, here is the bass line from Bach’s Chorale #91. I can’t get enough of this one.

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