You Learn Something New Every Day

I was going through my “Big Book of Classical Music” this morning, and blindly pointed to a song to work on. I landed on “Funeral March of a Marionette.” I listened to it on my music player first, and was I ever surprised. It turned out to be the theme song from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”…

Summer of Classics

Here is the first in a series of songsThey’re not too short, and not too longThis one was written by The MasterBut I do it a little faster

Great Gig in the Sky

I started this song early this morningIt came on me without a warningIt is a version without the screamingIt’s easy to listen to if you’re dreaming

Name That Tune

This week’s “Name Those Tunes” is presented in five different keys. I’m not sure which one I like better. The first song was written over three hundred years ago. The others around 160 years ago. I wonder what the composers would think if they could see how music is played now.

Circle of Fifths

This song goes through all 12 keys using the circle of fifths. And the crowd goes wild….. And for those who would like to play along:

You Asked For It

Here’s another blast from the pastIt’s not too slow and it’s not too fastIt was written back in the days of oldWhen even I did what I was told

Easter Song

Here is a song that is close to my heartIt’s less than 2 minutes from end to startIt reminds me of Easters pastBefore we all had to wear a mask

March Madness

Here are some versions of my favorite songIt came out back when I was youngThe message is clear, it never endsYou’re always better off with friends