A Ditty for the City

I wrote this ditty just this morning It really is quite simple It came on me without a warning Just like last week’s pimple I hope you like this simple song Perhaps I’ll add some words It’s only thirty seconds long And only has two chords  

My Concert Performance was Unacceptable!

I played in a jazz show in December After preparing for it since September I thought I had everything ready But when I got onstage I felt unsteady I was feeling a bit tired, a little bit weird I felt like I was wearing a fake beard The lights were bright and I couldn’t see […]

My Letter to The Grocery Store

My Letter to The Grocery Store Six bucks for a bag of bread And eight more for the cheese It’s making it hard to stay well-fed Won’t you drop these prices please? The peaches cost one dollar each Are all of you for real? Are you charging us ninety cents a peach And ten cents for […]

I’m Having a Groot Day!

Here is another ditty for you It’s kind of different, this is true I wrote out some notes in 4/4 time And then added Harmony on every line Most of it is in the key of G A very easy key for me I like to use it with a flute It seems to work, […]

A Song From Me to You

It’s been a while since I posted here And it’s got me in a tizzy It isn’t that I don’t still care It’s just that I’ve been busy I’ve been so busy lately composing Well that’s not entirely true I’ve tried my hand at words of prosing But it usually makes me blue Sometimes I can […]

The Fun Never Ends

A dog has been barking down the street Perhaps he doesn’t like the heat The whole neighborhood is in a tizzy We go to bed tired and wake up dizzy I don’t know what it’s all about That sound that emanates from his snout If he doesn’t stop this racket soon I’ll end up howling […]

Name That Tune

  Here is a little ditty That I think is almost heavenly I think it’s very witty And it premiered in 1870 It was written Peter Ilyad T. Whose birthday is May 7th It is 600 bars long, you see And here are the first eleven