A Song a Day

Merriam-Webster defines a song as a short musical composition of words and music, a collection of such compositions, a distinctive or characteristic sound or series of sounds (as of a bird, insect, or whale). After reading that, I am not sure what these are. And who is this Merriam anyway?

And here are some remakes of songs written by the ATGC (All-Time Greatest Composer.) Also used in DNA sequencing.

Here is a classic that just seems to fit today. Jeff Beck was the master.

A Historic Moment

This is an original song. It is titled “Friday Nocturne.” Like most things, it is a work in progress.

And the rest is history..

Thursday’s Song without piano:

Here is the sheet music:

More Music

Earlier today I was checking the stats on this site. There have been over a thousand downloads of songs here this month alone. That’s a new monthly record. FYI. I encourage everyone to download these songs and share them.

My hope is that one or more of them will be played on one of those raves you see in a Nordic Noir TV show. I better start adding more thumps to the music now.

Some of these songs are my own, some are not. But I did use the very same notes as those used by Bach and Beethoven.

Artwork by Paul Klee.

All of these chorales can be played at the bottom of the page, or one by one at https://johnsthewritestuff.com/101-bach-chorales/

Mood music (not sure what mood though!)

Happy Wednesday

Here is something nobody knows: I have a photogenic memory, which means I always look good in my own mind. And here are some new songs you might remember, with a new twist:

Does this sound familiar?

It used to sound like this:

Here is the bass line from chorale number 92, in .wav format.

At Last

Another batch of songs is ready to go out into the world (if you can call two songs “a batch.”) The first song was written by Peter Frampton. It is called “Penny for Your Thoughts.”

The second song was written by Orlando Di Lasso in the 1500’s and is titled “Music is God’s Gift.”

“I Like It!”

A Little Night Music

This song was finished in Vienna on August 10, 1787, around the time Mozart was working on the second act of his opera Don Giovanni.

I wonder what he would think of these versions?

Check out this cool cat:

I was looking at the download stats for this site, and noticed a song I apparently made during the 2021 “World Music” period.

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