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Fixing a Hole

I’m fixing a hole In the shoes that I wear To keep the rain from my socks If we had some I’m petting a cat Who is again on my lap And he can’t stop himself from purring Cause he’s a kitty cat Perhaps I’ll stay home And not worry about the rain It hasn’t rained for 90 days anyway […]

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Eleanor Winslow

Eleanor Winslow Picks up the Dice From the Table Of the Local Casino With her friend Dino Look at her gambling Throwing her pay Down the drain And she’s feeling No pain Some say she’s insane All the unlucky gamblers Where do they get their dough All the unlucky gamblers Why not just see a show I see it every […]

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A Ditty for the City

I wrote this ditty just this morning It really is quite simple It came on me without a warning Just like last week’s pimple I hope you like this simple song Perhaps I’ll add some words It’s only thirty seconds long And only has two chords  

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A Song From Me to You

It’s been a while since I posted here And it’s got me in a tizzy It isn’t that I don’t still care It’s just that I’ve been busy I’ve been so busy lately composing Well that’s not entirely true I’ve tried my hand at words of prosing But it usually makes me blue Sometimes I can be creative and witty It […]