The Shark Song

    The Shark Song When you’re a Shark The world is there for you You don’t fear the dark Because the dark fears you When you’re a Shark You dislike the Mets Your bite’s worse than your bark And you despise the Jets When you’re a Shark You look at the world wisely You’re pants […]

Thoughts on a Blue Day

Like they say, the world’s a stage And we realize that more as we age Nothing lasts forever, that is true I guess that applies to me and you My birthday is coming up in June Just three days after the full moon My age will once again end in zero Just like Ray Romano, […]

Just Another Saturday

I walked downstairs to get some food I was in a particularly sour mood My wife said “We have a situation” And those words are never heard with elation It happened in the morning, last Saturday The same thing happened to us back in May Me and the wife were sitting around the house When […]

24 Legacy Poetry

The Senator’s Father is quite zany His part is played by Gerald McRaney And Eric Carter is an Army Ranger Whose entire life is fraught with danger So Gerald gave secrets to some bad guys And by doing so turned them into mad guys Who were awaiting instructions from Jadall bin-Khalid Who had plans for a […]

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

William Shatner is flying on a jet And he is out of work It’s stormy out and it’s quite wet But he’s not Captain Kirk He’s travelling with his trophy wife Who tells him not to smoke She’s known him almost all his life And thinks he’s a splendid bloke But soon after the plane […]

George The Hand Model

George is upset, that is apparent He’s moving back in with both his parents His dad is crazy and uses a walker And Kramer’s girlfriend is a low talker George and his parents go out to dinner The waiter there is not a winner He doesn’t even bring a menu His mom suggests a different […]

99 Birds in a Tree

Just this morning, after the rain I looked just beyond my window pane And saw 99 birds on a distant tree So I made a video, for you from me