Your Tuesday Song

Do you know the title of this song? Hint: It rhymes with “Polliwog’s Cake Walk.”

Here is a remake of an excerpt of Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor. It was the only piano concerto he wrote, according to my sources. I am not sure which instrumentation I like better. One thing is obvious: he is a Gemini.

Here is a preview of a very interesting PBS show all about him.

Real people:

And here is Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens (who shares a birthday with John Lennon, who was born 105 years after him, to the day).

Another Remake

This one is a remake of a song I posted here in July 2021, called “Pidigori.” Not a lot of modulation going on there. But then again it’s not jazz, right? This was changed on Sunday so take a listen again if you already heard it.

Old Versions:

More Music

Three Years Later

The very first mp3 I ever made was a version of this song, way back in January 2020. I think this new version in .wav format sounds much improved. And this version was updated on Saturday, April 15th.

If it takes a while to load up, it is probably because it is 153 megabytes. The older version was only 37 megs. That must be why it sounded like someone playing a comb on tinfoil.

Acoustic Strings:


Another Song

Every song doesn’t need 6 drum tracks.
Do you know the name of this song?

Here is a hint:

And here is a remake of Lowell Fulson’s “It’s a Good Day.”

And some remakes of the most downloaded songs from this site. I am amazed at how much fuller a .wav file sounds as opposed to an mp3.

Happy Easter to One and All

Long time readers will no doubt recognize this hit from the early 1600’s. If you already listened to this song, listen to it again because this version is a little nicer. This was written by Orlando DiLasso almost 500 years ago. I wonder what he would say if he heard it now? Probably “slow it down.”

It’s a Good Day

Here is a song called “It’s a Good Day” written by Lowell Fulson.
It is from the songbook titled “Urban Blues for Guitar.”
I hope it helps you to have a good day. Really. I am not just whistling Dixie.

The last few notes sound just like the last few notes on this song:

Another Original Song

However, it is not MY original song. I transcribed the sheet music and chose which instruments to use. I also chose the drum loops, of which there are no less than five. So outside of writing the actual music this is all me, baby.

It is is called “Computer Blue” from Prince’s Purple Rain album. Just try to sit still when listening to it.

Some of the guys in the band think I play the guitar too loud. I think it is just right!

Here is a video of Prince’s 1983 concert where people first heard this song. And the rest is history. This song starts at the 11:40 mark.

How Original

Many readers have asked “In music, what is a chromatic scale?”
I answered them by sharing my recent compositions. Just listen to the first four notes and you get the idea.

Those four notes are accompanied by chords so that they become either the third or the seventh of each chord. You understand perfectly, I can tell.

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