A Magic Number?

Everyone knows that 3 x 7 is 21, but how many people know what 333 x 777 is, without using a calculator? (It is 258,741 by the way.)  If you double that number you get 517,482. Do you notice anything similar about those two numbers? They have the same digits. And I have yet to […]

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My Visual Analysis

Analysis of The Virgin Mary with Saints Thomas Aquinas and Paul by Bernardo Daddi, in Florence, Italy, 1335 It’s another painting with the Virgin Mary And she’s with two Saints, and one is hairy It’s done very well, this fact is true And the Virgin Mary is wearing blue Each of them have different poses […]

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Available Rock Band Names

The following is a small sampling of available Rock Band names: 1. The Weepers 2. The Leepers 3. The Night School Creepers 4. The Smelly Neighbors 5. Cheese on Rye, Ask Not Why 6. The Eczema Experience 7. The Face Slappers 8. The Ear Benders 9. Five Rude Dudes 10. Next Time Let’s Take The […]

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The Millennium

When I was just a young pup, one of my siblings brought home this album.  It was the only album recorded by this group, but some of the members went on to work with some of the biggest names in music. (For those of you born after 1998, when I was a kid we had […]

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