Pop Goes The Weasel

When I was just a little boy I seldom was alone My life was full of fun and joy While watching the Twilight Zone There was a certain episode About a monster and a rummy A telikenetic six-year old That was played by young Bill Mumy Bill Mumy was just six years old With a […]

My Ears Are Winging

I love the sound of morning birds And the late evening sparrow They speak to me but not with words To hear them click the arrow.  

Classical Composers Whom I Have Admired

  Ludwig’s music is incredible And Wolfgang’s never missed Franz’s music is almost edible Both of them, Schubert and Lizst Peter Ilyad’s music is capricious And hardly ever arbitrary Johan Sebastian still can reach us Just ask my cousin Larry To tell the truth, I have three cousins But not one is named Larry They spend […]

The Bathtub

Happy New Year to Everyone.  I hope it is the best year ever.  Yada Yada Yada. The Bathtub On January First of this year My bathtub was a mess I fear It had a different kind of reak That lingered there for that whole week I made a mental note to clean it And at […]

I Am Speechless!

I have been so stunned by the recent shift in the political landscape that I completely forgot to post anything here.  I know my readers have been wondering what is going on.  How can I put it?  I am speechless.  I am without speech! I was reading that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked […]

Where is That Episode of Chicago PD?

Like I said up there.  Where is the episode of Chicago PD that I was counting on?  It is Thursday, right?  That means that all of Wednesday night’s TV shows should be online.  But there is no Chicago PD, nor is there a Criminal Minds OR Empire.  Like, what gives? Has the very fabric of […]