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Ice Ice Baby

Hello Everyone. I wanted to share a recent plumbing experience I had with you.  No, I didn’t have a plumbing experience with you (we both would have remembered that, wouldn’t we?) Let me re-phrase that.  I want to share, with you, a plumbing experience I recently had. My shower drain was plugged up, so I did what everyone does.  I poured […]

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Porky Pig Was Very Wise

The Good Book tells us to love our neighbor.  Whoever wrote that obviously didn’t live in my neighborhood.  Do you have the same problem?  If we were Azande (South America) or Nuer (North and South Sudan) we could settle our differences with a good clubbing.  I imagine those cultures have very few instances of high blood pressure.  (I don’t plan […]

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What is the First Thing a Shoe Shine Person Says in the Morning?

Rise and Shine! Do you want to hear something ironic?  Internet Explorer keeps sending me pop-ups that say “Internet Explorer Just Blocked a Pop-Up.”  That’s great, Internet Explorer!  But aren’t you kind of defeating the purpose here? I was watching “The Haunting Hour” on Netflix earlier tonight.  There was an episode that had someone who was the “Master of the Insects.”  He used […]