Renaissance Fair

Today’s song was written by Orlando Di Lasso. He was considered among Europe‚Äôs greatest musicians at the end of the 16th-century. It is titled “je laime bien et laimerai,” which translates to “I’ll be Fine and I’ll be Fine” according to Really! Orlando Di Lasso (also spelled Orlando De Lassus) was born in present-dayContinue reading “Renaissance Fair”

More Renaissance Music

Here is another song by Orlando Di Lasso, titled “Matona Mia Cara.” I have seen different spellings of his last name; I am going with this one. And here are Bach Chorale Numbers 22 and 23: If you would like to see the sheet music: Name That Tune. I’ll give you a hint. It’sContinue reading “More Renaissance Music”

Renaissance Man

150 years before Bach was even born, music known as Counterpoint was being written by a man named Orlando di Lasso. This song is called Illumina Oculos Meos, which translates to “Enlighten my eyes lest I sleep in Death.” It has just four lines of music, the only flat is B-Flat, and the only sharpsContinue reading “Renaissance Man”