Where is That Episode of Chicago PD?

Like I said up there.  Where is the episode of Chicago PD that I was counting on?  It is Thursday, right?  That means that all of Wednesday night’s TV shows should be online.  But there is no Chicago PD, nor is there a Criminal Minds OR Empire.  Like, what gives? Has the very fabric of […]

You Will Never Believe Who Abducted Me!

What happened to me last week had nothing whatsoever to do with my writings on this site.  I know, I was also completely surprised upon learning this.  I had offended no religious groups.  I did, however, manage to chap the hides of the local Cattleman’s Association.  I overheard them last night (they thought I was passed […]

The Happiest Three Hours of My Life

For those of you who do not know me personally, I am a Hardcore San Diego Charger fan.  Their first playoff game in 2014 was with the Cincinnati Bengals.  They surprised everyone (including me!) by winning.   This game would turn out to be their final victory of the year. My wife had to work during the game.  […]

Technology Blues in A Minor

I don’t have many Facebook friends But that don’t make me bitter I’m not quite sure what Linkedin is And I’m confused by Twitter I’ve sent out many friend requests But they all get ignored I tweet about most anything It helps me when I’m bored My Netflix cue is always full It only costs […]